Sunday, April 11, 2021

Colbert Dry-Heaves Over A Particular Boast In Matt Gaetz’s Book

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In his opening monologue on Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert addressed the engulfing Rep. Matt Gaetz, mocking a particular claim the Florida Republican made in his memoir “Fireband.”

Gaetz sought to position himself as a particularly ally of former President Donald Trump in his book, which came out in fall 2020.

“The Late Show” host noted that Gaetz — who has denied accusations of sex trafficking and having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl — bragged in the book about taking from Trump “when I was in my car, asleep in the middle of the night on my Longworth Office cot, on the throne, on , in nightclubs and … even in the throes of passion (yes, I answered).”

“Thinking of Matt Gaetz having sex, I’m in the throws of up,” cracked Colbert, pretending to dry-heave.

Watch Colbert’s full monologue here:

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