Saturday, April 10, 2021

Liquor association issues warning after thousands of bottle caps stolen in South Africa

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Be careful what you drink.

A recent robbery has left officials on the lookout for counterfeit booze. According to reports, a large number of caps were recently stolen from a South African production facility.

The SA Brand Owners Association issued a warning about possible counterfeit booze, after thousands of bottle caps were stolen on Dec. 30 from a member company’s production facility in Durban, the Sunday Times reports.

The warning states that illegal alcohol makers and sellers will collect empty bottles from major brands and then reseal them with the stolen bottle caps. This allegedly makes the bottles look like an officially produced product, which is then sold to unknowing consumers and pose  major health risks to them.

The theft notably occured two days after alcohol sales were banned in the area, due to a stricter new -related lockdown.

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