Monday, January 18, 2021

Live: 1st Chicago healthcare receive 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine

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The first five frontline workers who received the -19 vaccine in the city went back for their second morning., emergency physician at University of Illinois Health, called it a “relief.”

She was among the original five who volunteered to get inoculated last month at ’s Loretto Hospital.

Del Rios said she did it for the sake of her family and those in her community hesitant to get vaccinated. Completing her inoculation gives her optimism.

“I’m hoping this year, this is a start of better things to come,” Rios said.

The event at Hospital Tuesday morning was an effort to highlight the importance of people coming back for a second dose to make the vaccine fully effective.

Health experts say that the COVID-19 vaccine is not fully effective without the second dose.

Both vaccination events were held at hospitals serving communities hardest by COVID-19. This was a to boost vaccine rates among and Latinx residents. Del Rios said there is still more to be done to convince those who are skeptical that the vaccine is safe.

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