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Pornhub: ‘defunding Pornhub’ will make sex workers poor and will not solve the purpose

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All payments to has been stopped by all big credit card companies soon after the site is found guilty of child abuse and other controversial videos. 

According to , sudden will put them at and they will not have any earning source to . such decision will put us in problem rather than solving the problem it is suppose to address.

Mary Moody (adult star) began an awareness campaign to talk about consequences on performers like her and others. She said, she is loosing money, thousands every month by this decision but she is worried about workers who will loose money and for those who depend on pornhub for survival. she said, during pandemic, this was a medium for survival for all of us.

A New York Times article by Nicholas Kristof mentioned about illegal material found on pornhub. He then called on big banks and big credit card companies to cancel the co-operation with the website as a consequence.

In response to the decision, Pornhub made immediate changes. It blocked all downloads and removed all videos from unverified accounts, except those from verified accounts.

This happened because of free download and upload content ability on the site and it attracted more and more to upload stolen, illegal content to upload on the website which became difficult for original creators to sell their content at a reasonable price.

Now, only verified accounts can upload videos to Pornhub but the credit card blockage make it difficult for performers to receive payments and tip rewards on the website.


“Pornhub is the largest platform we have access to, by number of viewers and name recognition,” said Ms Moody.

“It comes at the top of Google searches for pretty much any industry worker.”

Many performers also use other adult platforms and subscription sites, such as OnlyFans.

But Ms Moody said making the jump was more difficult than it might appear to outsiders.

“Models who focused on Pornhub are out of a lot of income, and it’s not as easy as it sounds to switch platforms and immediately make money.”

‘Feeling helpless’

Swedish performer Cara Vega said: “I’ve made $34 (£25) in Pornhub in December, which is not a lot.

“There’s not a lot you can do about it, which makes you feel really helpless. I have friends who are considering leaving the business as a whole, just because Pornhub was such a big source of income.”

The sudden and unexpected change has been an additional source of stress for performers, who have often spent months or years building up a following.

“We didn’t have time to prepare for it or to set money aside to pay rent the next month or anything like that,” said Ms Vega.

“Visa and MasterCard acted in a very irresponsible way, leaving people without income overnight.”

Digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation has also complained about the firms exercising “censorship powers”. It said this was similar to how they had earlier tried to cut off payments to “countless sex workers” and Wikileaks, among others.

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