Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Rachel Levine, HHS assistant secretary nominee, quizzed on missing Pa. nursing home data

Former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine faced tough questioning Thursday during a Senate confirmation hearing regarding reported discrepancies in state records on COVID-related nursing home deaths....

Palantir: NHS faces legal action over data firm contract

Under the Palantir deal, NHS data is anonymised - with no names, addresses, or other identifying details - and it is not kept...

Clubhouse confirms data spillage of its audio streams

A user has been banned for streaming audio from multiple Clubhouse chatrooms onto their website. sourced via

North Korea accused of hacking Pfizer for Covid-19 vaccine data

It follows earlier claims that the dictatorship had tried to hack Covid-19 research. sourced via

Singapore said its contact tracing app to fight the coronavirus and help police for criminal investigations

Singapore's contact tracing app, TraceTogether, is under scrutiny after the revealed the app's data could be accessed in criminal investigations by local police. An...

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