Saturday, March 6, 2021
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California To Give 40% Of Vaccine Doses To Vulnerable Areas

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California will begin setting aside 40% of all vaccine doses for the state’s most vulnerable neighborhoods in an effort to...

CDC to require US-bound travelers from Ebola-stricken countries to give contact information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week that travelers from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the United States...

HIV findings in DR Congo ‘give hope for cure’

HIV findings in DR Congo 'give hope for cure' sourced via

Ghislaine Maxwell offers to give up UK, French citizenship to get out of jail

Accused sex-trafficking British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is so desperate to get out of her Brooklyn jail cell that she’s offering to renounce her U.K. and...

The hypercar maker who was told to give up his dream

Mate Rimac struggled to get anyone to believe that cutting edge sportscars could be made in Croatia. sourced via

‘Deepfake porn images still give me nightmares’

A woman who has been the victim of deepfake pornography is calling for a change in the law. Last year, Helen Mort discovered that non-sexual...

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