Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Watch Michael Flynn butcher the Pledge of Allegiance at a Lin Wooden rally in South Carolina

Michael Flynn, the short-tenured nationwide safety adviser employed, fired, then pardoned by former Donald Trump, appeared at a rally in South Carolina on...

Jeremy Lin Says He’s Not ‘Naming Or Shaming’ Person Who Called Him ‘Coronavirus’

A day after basketball officials launched an investigation into guard Jeremy Lin’s complaint that he was called “coronavirus” on court, Lin said he’s not...

Basketball Officials Probing Complaint That Jeremy Lin Was Called ‘Coronavirus’ On Court

Basketball officials are investigating a complaint by hoops star Jeremy Lin that he was called “coronavirus” as an anti-Asian on court. Lin, who currently...

Ex-Knicks star Jeremy Lin speaks out against racism toward Asian community

Jeremy Lin, the former New York Knicks star who took the NBA by storm for a few weeks during the 2011-12 season, spoke out...

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