Thursday, January 21, 2021

UC San Launches Return to Learn compaign, places COVID-19 test kits in vending

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The University of California has launched a “Return to Learn” campaign that includes nearly a dozen placed around campus that offer self-administered COVID-19 kits.

Additional machines are planned and administrators hope that in addition to health care provider-administered tests, the one-stop shops help students meet the campus’ testing requirements.

The 1,000 students living on campus are required to be tested at least once a week, with no more than nine days between two tests, and testing is available free to students. They can acquire the test from the vending machine with a simple swipe of a student ID card. They then perform the test and return it to an on-campus lab within 72 hours.

As part of the university’s “Return to Learn” campaign, employees who have been working remotely will continue to do so through May 31, and there “will continue to be a low-density population on campus to provide plenty of space for effective physical distancing.”

Employees and students who report to campus are required to submit a daily self-screening for COVID-19 before arrival. Less than 10% of the Winter 2021 undergraduate courses will be offered in person, and they are only permitted to be conducted in outdoor classrooms. If a class is permitted to be held indoors, occupancy is limited to fewer than 50 students per class, or 25% of classroom capacity.

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